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Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a fascinating game in every casino and for both types of casino either in online gambling or in regular casino this game is really popular. People always play this game, because this game has higher payouts and players do not need to learn any strategy of the game. There is no real strategy about the game that can change the outcome of the whole game. If you want to use anything then that is your luck. You do not need to worry about the result of the game, you just need to be calm down and have fun and you will have your winning chances like other players have. If you are a new or experienced player of the game but both have the same chances to win in the game and nothing can alter the result.

When you enter in an online casino, you will find many casino games based in two main types like the simple casino games and table based casino games and roulette is a simple casino game with wheel. There are some casinos where the wheel based games have different sections so it will be easier to find the roulette. American roulette and original or European roulette are the two major types of the game.


This is a game, where fortune is everything so you can never rely on a strategy that can ensure you are winning in the game. This is the game with pure fun and excitement and you can never expect to win a lot that usual in this game by using any strategy.


People always play roulette because the payouts of this game are always high. If you bet on a single number you will get the payout as 1:35 for European roulette and 1:34 for American roulette and that is a really high ratio. So, people always try to find out any effective strategy that can ensure the increasing of their winning chances but there are some strategy those can help you bet properly so you can use your money efficiently that means you can play more time for a fixed amount.

Oscar's Grind

When a player starts the single unit and if the hand win then the player has to turn the single unit as the profit and then series will end but if the player has lost the hand then the betting amount will be fixed until the player will another hand and then the player has to increase the betting amount with a single unit and this will continue until your fixed amount of bet come out by the end and when you exceed your betting limit you have to start from the beginning and this is how it really works.

An example of this betting strategy is given below and I am sure every roulette player will learn this strategy easily and they will find this strategy really useful.